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About us

Connecting the dots to enhance Global Citizenship

Global Citizenship mind is something that is nurtured through interaction with others. This website aims to support users interested in nurturing global citizenship mind, learn, and get connected with other educators to enhance multicultural study opportunity at school or at home.

Our Story Starts in early 2022…

Global Citizenship Platform started in March 2022, when five enthusiastic Master students joined the course called Online Publishing in KU Leuven, a research oriented university in Belgium.

We are a group of five members, coming from Belgium, Romania, Russia, China and Japan. We have seen the importance of establishing bonds between diverse actors by nurturing cross cultural skills.

Our Mission

Our mission is to enhance Global Citizenship Mindset across the world through supporting educators’ teaching practice and also by sharing global information from various perspectives which helps people broaden their views.

We are aiming to transform the world, where everyone has Global Citizenship mind within themselves. Everyone owns the sense of responsibility that phenomenon in this world is connected and everyone can make a change. People are treated with respect, and fairness that “what is fair?” in each circumstances are considered and reflected from multiple perspectives.

Global Citizen Education shapes the Future

Why did we start Global Citizenship Platform?

We believe that a lot of global issues can be addressed and treated with care and attention, if everyone on this planet view these various issues as something that they are responsible for, and believe that each of us can play a role to make a change. Global issues became so complex and deep that it is almost impossible to be solved by a single person, an organization or a nation. It is time when we understand how global issues are connected and how each of us can work on it as a global citizen. To address this, we are focusing on Global Citizenship education where we guide people to nurture the citizenship mindset for being part of the globe and enhance multicultural communication skills to have better understanding and treat complex issues with respect and constructive attitudes.

We have come to know that there are many educators in the world who are passionate about global issues, wanting to support their students, schools and communities to enrich their perspectives as global citizens. However, educators often encounter challenges such as…

No time, no resources, no connection, no support, no means to interact with other educators with similar interests…

Global Citizenship Platform was launched to solve these challenges. We are offering one-stop portal for educators who want to obtain valuable information to enhance their teaching / learning practices and to expand their network for global citizenship education.

Start Getting Connected with Global Educators!

Global Citizenship can be enhanced by collaborating with diverse members across the world. Get connected beyond the boarders, now!