Data Visualisation is very easy if you know user friendly tools

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The importance of data is evident, however, the raw data itself is very difficult to capture its value and what it tells us. To obtain insights from data, it need to be cleaned, sorted and interpreted. One of the commonly used ways to interpret the data is to visualise them. In education sector, there are a lot of data to be handled, both quantitative and qualitative data. For educators who are busy, it might be very difficult to secure time to analyze them and get the full value out of it. However, actually data can be visualised in various types of visualisations in just few clicks. You just need to know the tools that do it for us. In this post, we are going to introduce tableau which is one of the most frequently used visualisation tool.

What is Tableau?

Tableau is a business intelligence and analytics software which is widely used in the world by various fields. It is operated by one of the world’s largest CRM provider, Sales Force.

Tableau claims that their strength is making the software intuitive, powerful that it allows users to visualise the data in various forms, and easy to learn. The users can upload their data into the software by excel, csv or other various forms, and you are ready to start!

Data visualisations from the course work in KU Leuven.

Above visualisations can be created on Tableau just by few clicks.

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Is Tableau for free?

There are various software plans offered by Tableau, and there is a plan that we can use them for free which is the one called “Tableau Public“. As for Tableau Public, there is online version and desktop version and you can choose it based on your preference.

What can you do in Tableau?

There are so many things you can do in Tableau, which also includes something that can be done with few clicks or something that are advanced and required a bit more than that. However, among the ones you can do in few clicks, it already includes visualisations such as…:

  • Highlight Chart / Heat map
  • Maps
  • Pie Chart
  • Line Chart
  • Bar Chart
  • Tree Map
  • Scatterplot
  • Bubble Chart
  • Histogram
  • Boxplot and many more…

Tableau can be strongly recommended to those who have been mainly using excel for your data visualisations. Tableau is very powerful in the sense that it’s not only offering you appealing visualisations in few clicks, but it also allows you to make the data interactive. It allows you to add various parameters, highlights, interactions to obtain in-depth insights very easily which is something a little bit difficult to be done by excel.

The importance of data increases its significance over time. Getting familiar with data and making good use of it by user-friendly tools would not only support education enhancement, but it may also be nice to use it with your students and discuss the data in interactive ways ;-).

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